I’m actually really excited for tomorrow :)

Get to spend some time with he girlfriend at Steveson for Salmon Fest! And then fireworks at night!

Been so worked up lately and this is a much needed break for sure :)

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What am I  

Just one self centred little bitch who will run from everything to hide.

Happy P(3) Months  

This month has been one rocky ride from start to finish. Thank you for always staying by me and giving me the encouragement and support when i needed it. But even more importantly, for giving me the wake up call when i needed that too. 

There so many things that i needed to work out and i was uncomfortable in sharing with anyone. Thank you for giving me the time and space and let me try to figure it all out myself. I know i neglected you through the process, but before I can even think of taking care of you, I need to be able to take care of myself. Love myself or else loving others will not be the same.

Thanks for everything b. I owe you a million different things and one day i’ll be able to repay you for it. But for now… I’ll just let you keep winning so i can keep you around ;) 

I love you

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I think i’m so done with living my life to other people’s expectations. I probably took everything anyone’s said to me as motivation the wrong way by setting those as my goals. I’ve never had my own goals that I truly believed in and i guess that’s the problem. no direction, no passion, no motivation.

If I could skip these finals i would. And i might even at this point. I don’t even know. All i know if that i dont want to do this anymore and i’m going to fail anyways. I had this coming and it’s too late to regret it now. Time for a fresh start at something I want to do. 

i just want these next two days to be over.

I’ve single handedly ruined my own life over the last year. I’ve just been a giant let down to every single person I know. What’s the point anymore.

Maybe this will even take a turn for the worse

Fuck double standards.

[CAN vs. SWE] Men’s Hockey Medal Ceremony, Sochi 2014 (x)

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Super sorry 

happy 42 months AKA 3.5 YEARS

holy bamoley tasty baloney! That’s a very long time to be together and it still feels like we just started dating :3 (other than the fact that you harass me a lot more now and make fun of me QQ)

the past month we’ve been able to go to a bunch of awesome places and watch movies too! Thanks for including me in your family activities. Means a lot to me that you guys want me around heh

don’t stress out too much about exams Kk? I know you’ll do amazing :D and after that we’ll have one lovely December

Feels good 

I had the best weekend in forever last week.. lets hope this week and more will be the same :D

Just feels good to be apart of something “special”

Finally understanding how insignificant I am.

Funny how quickly things can change. Kinda reminds me of celebrities. Super popular for a little while then it’s all over.

Little bit of luck. Little bit of skill. All about time and place though.

We'll crawl until we can walk again.

Hello! :)
My name is Elvis. But you can call me Elvis Lee, for short. My best friend's name is Tigger, spelled "T-I-DOUBLE-GUH-ERR."
I am five years old.

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