I’ve single handedly ruined my own life over the last year. I’ve just been a giant let down to every single person I know. What’s the point anymore.

Maybe this will even take a turn for the worse

Fuck double standards.

[CAN vs. SWE] Men’s Hockey Medal Ceremony, Sochi 2014 (x)

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Super sorry 

happy 42 months AKA 3.5 YEARS

holy bamoley tasty baloney! That’s a very long time to be together and it still feels like we just started dating :3 (other than the fact that you harass me a lot more now and make fun of me QQ)

the past month we’ve been able to go to a bunch of awesome places and watch movies too! Thanks for including me in your family activities. Means a lot to me that you guys want me around heh

don’t stress out too much about exams Kk? I know you’ll do amazing :D and after that we’ll have one lovely December

Feels good 

I had the best weekend in forever last week.. lets hope this week and more will be the same :D

Just feels good to be apart of something “special”

Finally understanding how insignificant I am.

Funny how quickly things can change. Kinda reminds me of celebrities. Super popular for a little while then it’s all over.

Little bit of luck. Little bit of skill. All about time and place though.

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I don’t even know what to say about this month other than that i felt really loved from you and your fam. You guys always treat me the best and i could never thank you enough.

Now that school’s back, i’m afraid i wont’ get to see you very often; but i guess we can manage that right? WOPWOP sundays are back baby!

*flapflap* you’re like the fire that burns so intensely from your love. i can feel your warm embrace and the big heart you have for everyone from a kilometer away. And i’m just like the moth in the middle of the night, getting attracted closer and closer to this magnificent warm and then…..

*TSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS* that’s some hot stuff babe ;)

TEEHEE, love yousaomuch <3 5vr&oways 

Happy 38 monthsssssss 


It’s been a fantastic month since your mutha and my mutha are goneee. All them car adventures to errwhere and nowhere and errwhere!

I am hands down the luckiest guy EVAR. ( to have you and at deal or no deal. i kicked butt at that game. HUSTLA SHIT ALL DAY ERRDAY #YOLO)

but then we still gots to go to so many places but so lil time. I’m making faces while typing this and idk why but you’re looking at me funniesssss. idk what you’re smiling attt, maybe you know that i’m writing this….. thats kinda creepyyyy

kays bumchies. see you errday for the rest of this month ;) STREAK IS ALIVEEEEEEEEE (like the grasshopper i saw on a fridge at work today)


Happy 37 months bumchies <3

Thanks for being willing to put up with all these long hours that I’m working so that I can earn dem munies :3
In the end, you’ll benefit from it right? ;)

Now that it’s finally summer, we can go out on my days off! :D yayyyyyyyy! Excited excited excited! Kekekeke

Let’s have a wonderful month this month Kay? Love you lots! *MUAH

We'll crawl until we can walk again.

Hello! :)
My name is Elvis. But you can call me Elvis Lee, for short. My best friend's name is Tigger, spelled "T-I-DOUBLE-GUH-ERR."
I am five years old.

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